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Cant wait for Red vs. Blue at SOMA. May 7th people!!! Go Red! (A long time ago)


San Diego, CA (US)

San Diego, CA

March 1, 1986

Member Since:
October 20, 2009

Status Preferred Genre
In a Band - Exclusive Pop Punk/ Punk/ Rock/ Crunk

About Wes
I play drums in Plane Without a Pilot. I also sing in my car, rock a mean air guitar, and have wicked dance moves.

Wes's Instruments (1)
Instrument Years / Experience
Drums 10 years

Wes's Gear
I have a GMS SE custom kit with a Canopus Zelkova snare. I also rock an OCDP snare drum, to keep it fresh.

Wes's Bands - Previous & Current
Plane Without a Pilot 2009-
New Age Heroes 2006-2009
Worst Episode Ever 2005-2009
Dicking Around Alone 1986-

Wes's Touring Experience
I am soo down to tour.

Wes's Studio Experience
PWP- A Different Point of View- Percussion- 2009
NAH- Amature Hour- Drums- 2008, Mixed Nuts- 2007, Demos- 2006

Wes's Endorsements
Rdub Recordings
Stare Co.

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