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Hip Hop / Alternative / Lyrical in Claremont, CA (US)
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Member Since: April 18, 2010

Dwayne Jackson-Kid Shokora
Alec La' Veaux-Kid Raven
Endia Samone-Kid Endo
Cameron Blunt-Kid Classic

if KANYE WEST married LAURYN HILL and their baby was N.E.R.D and was babysat by WALE with help from THE FUGEES and went to high school with LUPE FIASCO and got bullied by TIMBALAND and hung out with FALL OUT BOY and ate lunch with GYM CLASS HEROES and graduated with THE COOL KIDS...that's us.

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About Comeback/!/Music
The tale of how Comeback/!/Music came together is an interesting one. The original members of the group were Dwayne Jackson and Alec La’ Veaux who met in a summer school class at Claremont High School. Together they would be known as The Comeback Kids. Their goal, to bring back the ways of how hip-hop used to be. They got tired of the pop, lock, and drop its of the radio and figured why not take over the mainstream with powerful yet fun lyrics about the underdogs of their generation. They quickly found names for themselves. Dwayne was originally going to choose the name of Kid Icarus, but changed it to Kid Shokora due to his dark pigment and love for the Asian culture (Shokora translates to Chocolate in Japanese). Alec decided to go with the name of Kid Raven due to his open minded lyrics and somewhat dark and troubling past. In their beginnings, they had no microphone, so they posted instrumentals Shokora made on their myspace account. Over time they developed fans, Shokora’s cousin, Endia Samone noticed their progress and asked to join the group. The boys promptly said no, to which she replied she can improve the group with her singing and her fast paced freestyling. After hearing her sing and rap, the boys were astonished and immediately claimed her as one of their own. She acquired the name of Kid Endo, a nick name of her name, Endia. After a couple of months, a kid named Cameron Blunt, heard one of the groups’ instrumentals and became completely enamored with the group. He constantly begged to be recognized by the group. Since he knew the kid personally, Raven tried to tell the rest of the group about his talents. Ironically Shokora and Endo didn’t like the idea at all of them adding another person to the group. Over another period of time they finally called Cameron to have him freestyle for them over the phone, he did so, nervously. Shokora and Endo deliberated for awhile and called him back to let him know that he is the new (and final) member of The Comeback Kids. Endo deemed him with the name of Kid Classic, due to his love for such classic artists as Prince and Elvis Presley. So it was settled, Kid Shokora, the producer and metaphorical rapper of the group. Kid Raven, the literal and storyteller of the group. Kid Endo, the singer and punchy freestylist of the group. Kid Classic, the artist of the group, he plays several instruments and has a talent for freestyles as well. They soon came across a problem, they noticed that they were being confused with The Comeback Kid, a rock band out of Winnipeg. So, to keep the confusion down, Raven had the brilliant idea of the re-naming the group, Comeback/!/Music. The new name reflected what the band is all about, a desperate cry for the return of how music used to be, to make music for the love of it, not for the profit.

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